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App & Mobile Marketing

We can help with everything from planning and development to launch and promotion

App & Mobile Marketing

App and mobile marketing is, without a doubt, the biggest growth area of digital marketing. This developing channel has enabled digital marketers to expand their online strategies and become seamlessly integrated into their consumers’ lives.

At Clear New Media, we have designed, launched and promoted our own successful football on the TV app. We have over 200,000 downloads and 30,000 active user per month on our iPhone app, and have recently launched a football on the TV android app. We understand the processes involved with developing an app and how to successfully promote it in the highly competitive app market.

The constantly developing technology of mobile has opened up so many opportunities for digital marketers and it provides the perfect platform to engage with existing customers and attract new ones.

We can assist you with your app and mobile marketing strategies; more specifically, we can help to drive downloads, encourage user engagement and monetise your app.

Do you need help with your app and mobile marketing strategies - increasing app downloads, developing an app or advertising your app? Get in touch today for a FREE assessment!

Our Football on the TV app is available in the iTunes store and Google Play.

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We also have another app in the iTunes store The Face Game which is available to download here.


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