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Case Studies

Read all about our strategy and approach to maximise the performance of all our clients' affiliate programs

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Bonmarché Affiliate Case Study

Bonmarché aim to maximise their activity through the affiliate channel to reach a younger audience online. We have been managing the program for over 2 years, developing a robust affiliate marketing strategy to grow the program year on year.

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Hobbycraft Affiliate Case Study

We launched Hobbycraft's affiliate program in 2013 and well exceeded our target in the first 12 months! Managing the affiliate program with a flexible strategy is the key to achieving 20% year on year growth. 

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Scribbler Affiliate Case Study

The affiliate channel generates approximately 20% of Scribbler's online revenue. In order to grow the program and ultimately expand Scribbler's digital footprint, we have a variety of different strategies and techniques to maximise the program's performance.

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Fuel Broadband Affiliate Case Study

We provided Fuel Broadband with a solution to more easily track their off line and online sales by working across two networks and managing direct relationships with publishers.

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