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Fuel Broadband Affiliate Program Case Study

The Client

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Previously New Call Telecom, Fuel Broadband’s proposition is to help its customers speak, surf and share. They offer affordable connectivity by providing great value fixed-lines, broadband and phone calls to almost 1 million annual subscribers.


We started working on Fuel Broadband’s affiliate program in August 2012. Fuel Broadband needed a solution to more easily track their offline and online sales and manage direct relationships with publishers. We also have a monthly target of driving 2k new customers.


When we started working with Fuel Broadband back in 2012 we knew we needed to take a more bespoke approach with their program. We began with an initial recruitment strategy, reaching out to key comparison sites in order to build a close direct relationship with them. We have a very hands on approach in how we manage activity with the comparison sites, as they are high traffic drivers we are heavily involved in the approval and payment process of sales.

In order to provide a solution to tracking online and offline sales for Fuel Broadband we manage the program across two different networks. This allows us to manage call tracking, reporting online and offline sales more closely and work more effectively with key partners. We take a very tactical approach to running tenancies and other promotional packages with the key comparison sites, in order to generate the biggest ROI whilst staying competitive. Another important responsibility we have with Fuel Broadband’s affiliate program, is managing strict regulations and controlling the content and offers our affiliates promote, such as with the Google Chrome cast and Amazon fire stick. This requires very careful, thorough and clear communication with the affiliates.


With Fuel Broadband’s affiliate program, we work on sales as opposed to revenue. This is because Broadband deals change on a monthly basis and therefore revenue varies.

  • Sales increased by 90% in 2013 compared to 2012
  • Increasing sales by a further 320% in 2014 compared to 2013
  • We are still meeting our target of driving 2k new customers each month
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