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Fashion is our Passion!

For fashionistas, the internet has opened up a whole new world to discover the latest trends and where to buy them form for the best price. It is no surprise that several million of these fashion conscious online consumers follow style blogs for inspiration and use discount sites to get the most for their money. Using affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly popular and rewarding channel for both customers and retailers alike.

Key Statistics

  • Online UK sales exceeded £100bn in 2014 and in the fashion sector, online sales account for almost 20% of total spending on clothing and footwear.
  • Mobile traffic and sales have soared in the sector, opening up new opportunities to market to consumers who are on-the-go.
  • Young females are most likely to use social media for style advice and it is the most popular way for girls to interact with fashion brands
  • Both young men and women are equally as likely to use social media sites to take advantage of special offers.
  • 35-44 year olds, who are the main clothes shoppers, are the most price conscious and favour retailers that sell clothing at low prices.
  • More older women are buying clothes online than ever before.

(Stats taken from Mintel)

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Fashion Brands

Affiliate marketing really expands your digital footprint (think of it as having a 3rd party sales team) as key affiliate partnerships enable fashion brands to build a better digital strategy. Using affiliates with the same target market, reaches out to a new audience and builds brand awareness. Particularly in the fashion sector, bloggers who love your brand or have niche audiences may be highly influential in driving sales to your website. Affiliate marketing also enables fashion brands to promote new collections and sell full priced products through offering a generous cashback rate or an affiliate incentive. A well-managed program that works with a variety of affiliates, both large and small, could increase your sales by up to 25%.

Affiliate marketing for Fashion Brands

There is so much opportunity for fashion brands to promote themselves through the channel and not just by offering discounts. Some other examples are: product feeds, promotional exclusives, regular voucher codes, booking of tenancies, social media activity, competitions and featured blog posts. A variety of activity, and working with an assortment of affiliates, drives more website traffic and sales to your website, with a guaranteed ROI.  

There are many different types of affiliates; from the well-known cashback and voucher sites, to individual bloggers and the less well-known retargeting affiliates and mobile apps. Here are some of the best affiliates for the fashion sector: Shopstyle, Fashiola, LinkU, Shopcade, Fashionchick, Mallzee, Yieldify, VE Interactive, Redu and Ashley Money Saver. There’s also lots of opportunity with cashback and voucher sites who regularly run fashion specific promotions.

We know that building an established affiliate program can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. That’s why we’re here to help! We know the fashion sector, we are industry experts and we will work hard to get to know your business, in order to find the best affiliates to promote your products, grow your program and increase your sales.

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